Friday, July 1, 2011

No Bake Three Layer Chocolate Pudding Pie. Oh My!!

I swear I'm not a sugar addict, and I don't often have dessert around. But when the Hubby is coming home for the weekend after two weeks on a job, you gotta indulge. And this sexy piece of pie is certainly indulgent (and my own creation I might add).
Now you can always use the FF versions of many of the ingredients, but keep in mind that research shows that the occasional, moderate indulgence can keep you from swaying off your diet plan.
So lets get started on my Three Layer Chocolate Pudding Pie!

Non Edibles:
Spoons, knife, a mixing bowl, whisk, an electric mixer, and optional cutting board.

Pie crust
2 packages of chocolate pudding mix
2 cups of milk
5 strawberries
6 oz (about 2/3 cup) of cool whip
2 oz cream cheese

The first layer is the chocolate goodness. Easy peasy, just mix two packages of pudding mix with the whisk according do the directions. Just reduce the amount of milk you use by about half. This makes the pudding a more pie filling like consistency. Add this first layer to your pie. It should be mostly full as this is the major portion of the dessert.
Next is the strawberries. Just slice 5 fresh and yummy berries and arrange evenly atop the chocolate.
Now for the coup de gras. The final layer that brings it all together. Rinse out your mixing bowl (or grab another) and blend the cool whip and cream cheese together. If the cool whip has been in the freezer, let it warm up a bit first. Take your time and let the topping get nice and whippy smooth. Add the topping to the pie. Of course you can make more than I did (I made a fairly thin layer) but keep the ratio the same for the ingredients. Too much cream cheese will make it too thick and not as whipped as you'd want.
Once its assembled, just let it set in the freezer and enjoy! Just not too much.

No baking involved! What could be better than that huh? And these aphrodisiac ingredients are perfect for impressing a date or, in my case, for a special evening with your spouse.
And as always, happy cooking!!